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Lorp - Local Replay Profiler for World of Tanks

More information & support is primarily provided through this thread on the World of Tanks (Asia) Forums:


This is a tool which runs locally on your PC (it doesn't need an internet connection to run).

It has two goals:
  1. to help you locate a notable replay by scanning your replay files and reporting back useful data.
  2. to let you export this data to CSV (and then into a tool like Excel where you can analyse the data.

Currently a decent range of information is extracted from the replay file but not everything.

To get support, suggest new ideas, etc, please post on the WoT Asia forums (

Crawling: Performance & WoT Compatibility

On average it takes about a tenth of a second to process a replay file, and the tool can process 30 replay files a second (running on Windows 7, Intel i5 @ 1.8GHz, 8GB RAM).

The tool was developed and tested against WoT v9.5 - v0.8.9 replay files.


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The WoT Asia community, especially those active on the forums.

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